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                                                  Hi! My name is Rosemary, and I live in NE PA. I just recently got
                                                  a new laptop and I love it immensely.  One of my favorite places
                                                  is FACEBOOK.  I think everyone in the world is there.  I enjoy
                                                 meeting new friends from all over the world and having interesting
                                                 conversation with them.  I will show you some of pics of my friends
                                                 and the homes away from home that I enjoy going to.

"I Hope You Enjoy My Page"





When I was a very young girl, I had a baby daughter. Due to circumstances
beyond my control, I had to give my baby daughter away. I am asking you
to go to my Memory Page and see if you can recognize any of the pictures
and help me find my daughter.

Also on my Memory Page, you will documents I have posted in trying to locate
my brother. Maybe with some of your help I will be able to find him. Please
take a look and see. Thank You.



Meet My Friends




Here are some updated pictures.




Here Is My Favorite Hangout.


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