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My Memory Page



My daughter was born Catherine Elizabeth Inzalaco, on July 27, 1985, in Harrisburg, PA


If anyone would recognize any of these pictures or the name sounds familiar, I would appreciate you inform me at my email address below. I would be deeply appreciative.


Here is a picture of my daughter, Catherine, taken several months after her birth in the foster home



Catherine And I - 2 Days After Her Birth



Catherine 2 Days After She Was Born




My Brother Was Born Andrew Inzalaco In Passaic, N.J. On March 9, 1969.

Below are birth and baptism documents I have posted in hope that someone might recognize the names of the people on them and help me locate my brother. I have no pictures of him that I can post, but if pictures are found somewhere, I will post them. If anyone would have any information, I would greatly appreciate it. Please email me.





"I'll Always Love You"


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